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Projects by Kernboom:
  • Ingsoc Architect (1984) mod for Prison Architect
  • Refugee Centre mod for Prison Architect
  • Fallout Vault mod for Prison Architect (sprites)
  • Posters mod for Prison Architect
  • Professional Security Guide for Prison Architect
  • Operating System for Fallout New Vegas Terminals
  • Dungeons for Legend of Grimrock
  • Bob Marley for Civilization VI 
  • Hotline Miami Decals for Company of Heroes 2
  • Tournament Maps for Monaco
  • Red Light District for Monaco
  • Palestinian Wall for Monaco
  • Pixel Art for the sake of Pixel Art

"Kernboom" is a play on the Dutch "Kernbom"
          - which means "Nuclear Bomb".
          - "Boom" in Dutch means "Tree"
the play "Kernboom" translates to "Nuclear Tree".

What are you doing?
Abundance of skill, a legacy of analog games and mods, a passion for expression, a broad cultural education - and an empty refrigerator, - pursuaded me to stop messing about and plant the Kernboom seed to go the international type of boom with. I want to be able to keep making mods and maps while developing the games I've always wanted to make.

Why should I support you?
As you can tell, I'm a creator, and I want to keep creating things for others. I want to get around doing it, and I have my heart set on some games I want to make, one at a time. I'd like to be able to focus on these games and the growth of this Kernboom, by becoming my Patreon you can help make it grow.

What can I expect from Kernboom?
Like my previous projects, I promise uncompromising expression, relentless creativity, intriguing gameplay and transparent marketing the likes of: "Will there be multiplayer? - No." With Kernboom I intend to sprout like a tree, withstand the tests of endurance, and to stand tall for a very long time. 

What are you currently doing?
I'm currently fine-tuning my mods, designing tabletop maps and recording as of yet unreleased videos, while working on the pre-production of an unannounced game that I plan to announce in the first quarter of 2018.

Who is Kernboom?
Kernboom is Kris Verwimp. I'm a musicianartistautodidactwhole bunch of thingsselfconfidentattractivethe most talented DOTA2 player alive, and more.

If you want to get to know me, feel free to find me on SteamDiscord or Twitch!

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At 50 Patreons I'll be able to afford the Adobe Creative Cloud Plan! This will help me a great deal with my current and upcoming projects!
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