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About Kerning Cultures

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. If you aren't familiar with Kerning Cultures, here's a little about what we do.

We love really good stories. And, as children of the Middle East, we've grown up with media that doesn't really reflect the things we're interested in. So, we decide to start our own media network. To tell the kinds of stories in which we can actually see ourselves, the kinds of stories we want to discuss with our friends over warm cups of coffee on cozy sofas. Because we love stories - really good stories, and there are so many from our region just waiting to be told.

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Stories of exceptional Arabs around the world, and their journeys to the top. Featuring icons like Bassem Youssef (satirist), Mona Chalabi (data journalist), Hamed Sinno (musician), Dina Shihabi (actress), Andre Haddad (entrepreneur). Each built an empire, but where did they start? Their unguarded stories trace their winding pathway to success, from childhood memories to rock bottom moments, to what inspires them.

Kerning Cultures
Stories from the Middle East, and the space in between. Immersive documentaries that tell stories like one man’s mission to revive specialty coffee in Yemen amidst the current war, a Filipina domestic worker’s love story abroad in Lebanon, and a typographer’s lifelong pursuit to overhaul the Arabic script.

"'This American Life' for the Middle East" – The Guardian

"Kerning Cultures is leading the UAE podcasting scene" – Gulf News

"A homegrown podcast from two women determined to explore stories from the Middle East, beyond what you see in the newspaper headlines." – New York Magazine

حكايات رمضان - سلسلة ٌقصصيةُ هدفها الامتاع، تروي في كل حلقة قصةً حقيقيةً من كتبِ التراث العربي. بعض هذه القصص يتسمُ بالطرافة، وأخرى نتعرّفُ من خلالها على حدثٍ تاريخيٍ أوجانبٍ اجتماعيٍ للحُقبة ذات الصل
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