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About Ketaros

About Me
Creating mods for a game is my passion. Since Doom, around 25 years ago, I made skins on MS-Paintbrush to my last creations to Fallout, X-Com, ETS2, etc. During my "mod life" I have created more than 100 mods for more than 20 games, always dedicating a good amount of time to learn the game, know what could be improved or added, and making it something beautiful to have.

What do I like to do?
I don't make mods that will just change things in the games. My passion of modding is to add new things in the games, a further variation, a new system, a new element, an original art, item, etc. All the games are fantastic platforms to enrich with more diversity, and this is my passion.

What all my Patrons will receive?
No matter what Support Tier you decided to become as Patron, all my Patrons receive the option to have:
1- Improved/Special Version of my Public Mods.
2- Exclusive Access to non-public Mods.
3- 1-Week Beta Test before the public launch of all my mods.
4- Your requests come FIRST! I will properly listen/read, and follow up.
5- My eternal gratitude. :)

Final Considerations
Modding for games is a very lonely activity, tedious most of the time. We mod-driven into great anticipation over how the gaming community will receive the mod. Will they like it or not? And the inspiring moment is when we receive the THANKS from each of you. That said, no one needs to show financial support. Your gratitude is already a reward for me. I am creating this Patreon to do a little more than good enough, just to dream that I can justify a longer time and energy investment on something that I love. And that you receive more and more for dreaming with me.

Thank you!

1 - reached! patrons
To make 1 person happy with my work is already enough for me!! Thanks for your support, and for all those who also enjoy my work!
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