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This tier gets access to all Blender things I create, files from the videos (many) that I publish, and lots of new Blender content that I don't share on YouTube, like geometry node ramblings, a simple rock generator, and a host of tools and assets I have coming from my new short film I'm in pre-production for.  It's basically a cool way to support my work and learn things I've used in production over two decades.  Here's a list:
  • Early access to most YouTube videos
  • Asset files from many of those videos (file size pending)
  • Videos on Geometry Nodes that I'm not posting to YouTube
  • Generator tools (I currently have an asteroid generator if you're into space stuff)
  • Compositing tutorials not on Youtube for Blender and DaVinci/Fusion
  • Explainer videos not on YouTube (One including the production techniques I'd used for Daniel Krafft's 3 Hour challenge.)
  • Random Musings  

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This is the big tier.  It's the one you want if you want to learn Houdini and get access to the parts of the videos I gloss over, or files from the Houdini stuff I share on YouTube.  Here's what you'll get as a Producer:
  • Everything in the first tier plus
  • Exclusive Houdini tutorial videos and explanations for the stuff I gloss over in the YouTube videos
  • Any Houdini files I share, like the meat monster stuff.

About Kev Binge

Learning doesn't stop when you graduate from school.  The best of us continue on learning forever.

My name is Kevin and I'm a full-time 3D Generalist with around 20 years of production experience.  I mostly work in Aerospace and Engineering on Los Angeles, CA, but have worked paid Entertainment, Video Games, Medical, and Architectural projects over the years in both NYC and Los Angeles.  I have also used most major 3D software packages in production under deadlines as well as in a physical college classroom as a professor (Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave, SoftImage, Houdini, Blender, etc...). 3D is a huge discipline that spans multiple industries.  You can have a multi-decade career in it if you want it.

I'm also the guy behind the KevBinge channel on Youtube, and Virtual Tweakers.  KevBinge currently has over 76,000 subscribers and around 5 million views.  Through that channel, I've helped thousands of people world-wide learn Blender 3D, DaVinci Resolve, and Houdini, and through that, generalist and specialist skill sets that they can use in their own lives.  Hundreds of comments a week thanking me for helping and teaching is the proof I need to take this to the next level.

Virtual Tweakers is a website that hosts industry news, tutorial videos, and articles relating to all things 3D, animation, gaming, VR and AR, and CG graphics in general.  It's a newer site that is growing.

In order to keep serving you and grow these channels into bigger and better resources, I've decided to open a Patreon page.  This will allow me to hopefully transition from my day job as a 3D animator and generalist to being able to create awesome content and help you on a massive scale daily, in many different software packages as well.

So What?  What's In it for You?

Depending on the tier you choose (I have 2 currently), you'll get access to the files for many of the videos that I post to YouTube, as well as a host of other videos that never make it there.  I do quite a bit of 3D professionally, and am starting to do more on the side for fun again.  That means you get access to tutorial videos and assets that I don't share with the world on YouTube.  There is a whole lot of stuff that I want to share but only with people who truly want to support me (you.)  Therefore, you'll find assets from the videos that you can use for whatever you want, techniques I don't care to share with the general public for whatever reason, and access to new videos before they are released.

I will also have lots of Houdini stuff coming.  While that's not for everyone, Houdini is what you want to learn if you want to work in the VFX industry.  It's also great for games and indie production as well, and is not as expensive as you may think if you're under $100,000/yr with it.  It's gaining popularity as people transition from Blender to more pipeline applications.  While Blender is making amazing inroads and people are doing amazing work with it, it's not fully there yet and accepted as a serious tool by most of the industry (if that's where you want to work.)  It will be, but not yet.

So come with me and let's see what you can create and share with the world!
22% complete
When I hit 500 Patrons I will open a Discord or Discord type server where you can ask questions relating to things that I teach and other 3D industry related questions.  I'd love to help more people than I currently do on Youtube, but I need to make it viable, and that amount of Patrons makes this well worth the time commitment.  Thanks!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 97 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 97 exclusive posts

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