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Access to my Roam Database of compilations, where you can more easily navigate the content. Current compilations include: Bill Gurley, Josh Wolfe, Peter Thiel, Danny Rimer, George Soros, Paul Graham, Naval Ravikant. More to come. 
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About Kevin

Hi there! I go by KG, and I love studying the history of business and investing.

I'm really known for two things: (1) my compilations and (2) my newsletter.

*In the future, I may put out longer form original content. 

nanos gigantum humeris insidentes

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of the Giants whose shoulders I stand upon. All of them made a lasting impact.

Stan Druckenmiller once told me that the best way to understand an industry is to look at every company in it. I’ve found that this (mostly) works for people too. To understand people, read everything they’ve ever published, and listen to every talk they’ve ever given. As I did this, my friends started to ask what I was reading.

After meeting Peter Kaufman, I sent him a write-up of our meeting. He wrote back, encouraging me to continue to write things up, that it was exactly the right thing to do: to write everything up and to organize them. He collected his writings and notes in binders. I’m collecting mine on my website

Here are some of the compilations I've made: 
1) Bill Gurley
2) Josh Wolfe
3) Coronavirus Memos
4) Bitcoin Primers
5) Graduation Speeches

For more, visit my website

I'm also known for my newsletter, where I publish my notes on one letter every day (Monday-Thursday). 

Here are some of the newsletters I've sent out: 
1) Teledyne
2) McDonalds
3) Jeff Bezos

I spend about 20 hrs/week on these two projects. Given the niche audience, advertisers are very hard to come by. Your support of this Patreon will help cover expenses and pay rent.

Thank you!

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