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Hello, my name is Kevin C. Krinke and I build curious machines for fun and profit. So far in life, those machines have mainly been engines for commerce and business purposes and that continues with my Business and Technology Consulting efforts. Given the ease with which it is to make digital things these days, my hobbies have evolved to a point where I'm comfortable sharing them with the world and that's what this Patreon page is all about, supporting me financially so that I can continue to create the [mostly] free (and sometimes commercial) works of art that I do. All of these creative endeavours are on a form of continual integration which I dub my Works of Progress.

So what is the idea of a Work of Progress? Well, you can think of these as if they are all living plants and organisms from the garden of my imagination.

The following are my current Works of Progress:
  • One State - Imagining One State better than one's current self
  • One State DJ - One State's Designer Journey, an adventure into strange music
  • Unified State Theory - One State's science-fiction narratives and perceptions of life
  • Stateful.App - One State's hypnosis app for making personal change
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Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.
100% of my productive time is spent on my Works of Progress.
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