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About Kevin Seconds

Hi. Kevin Seconds here.

In case you have no real idea just who the heck I am....

I'm a 58 year old artist, singer-songwriter and musician guy who sometimes hosts random, poorly-promoted podcasts.  I also take photos and make little films that no one sees.

For years, I sang and played in the American hardcore punk rock band 7Seconds. We lasted 38 years, recorded 12 albums and 2 live albums toured around the world extensively until we called it a day due to band member health-related issues.

In the late 80's, I began performing solo as a way to keep my musical spirit happy while band members were off doing human and adult-type things like having children and working real jobs. It all started when en ex-girlfriend bought me an acoustic guitar. I was living part-time in New York City at the time and it took months but I finally found the courage to busk on the street and - very occasionally - in the subways.

I started performing regularly in clubs and other music venues in 1990 and made my first all-acoustic solo album ('Stoudamire') in 1997 and followed it up with a full-on American tour.

Since then, I've released 7 solo albums and have traveled all around the world, just me and my guitar. When I was lucky, I was able to share stages with singer-songwriter pals like Steve Soto (Adolescents/Punk Rock Karaoke/CJ Ramone), Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies), Tim Barry (Avail), Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), David Dondero, Jonah Matranga (Far), Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) and Russ Rankin (Good Riddance).

I'm not exactly sure why but since a crazy project I began at the start of 2015 where I attempted to write, record and share 400 songs (I only got to 270), I've been driven to try and push myself as a singer-songwriter by trying to write as many song as I possibly can while I'm still alive and still passionate about making songs.

In 2016, I started my subscription-based Song Forge club which included many of you as members. I wrote and recorded 120 songs.

In 2017, I wrote and recorded 120 songs.

In 2018, I wrote and record 50 songs for Song Forge before realizing that the paid gig I had recently accepted (let's just say I was hired to create musical content for a large social media conglomeration) demanded that I focus solely on it, so I shuttered the Song Forge club.

Unfortunately, I recently lost the paid gig earlier this year.

Speaking of this year, at the start of it, I decided to try and challenge myself by attempting to write, record and share a new song for every year I've been alive. As of about a week ago (I am writing this at the end of August), I have 57 songs finished and released (got to Songs For Years 2019 to hear all the stuff I did, as well as the great stuff a bunch of other fine singer-songwriter/musicians did).

I expect to write and record my 58th song of the year any day now.

Besides all that, these days I mostly and happily perform along with my wife Allyson. We have a new musical project we're calling Hank & Lulu, named as a sort of loving tribute to our 2 beautiful dog kids we lost in 2017. We are nearly finished with the recording of our first album called, 'Oop Oop, Oh Oh!' that I'm releasing on my small record label, Birthday Money.

I'm also finishing up yet another solo album, called 'Don't Shake Twice' which will also be released on Birthday Money.

I expect both my solo record and the Hank & Lulu on to come out before the end of 2019 but I haven't set any dates yet, as I figure out how I'll be able to distribute these records.

Did I mention that I've been writing for a book on my punk rock life I hope to publish at some point?

Or the Internet radio station (KCNY Community Radio) I started about 2 years ago that no one has been able to listen to because I've been nervous and non-committal in taking it public?

Well, I'm doing that stuff too. Not because I have the time, energy or financial resources to do them but because I have an intense desire to make the the things that I have always been passionate about happen, no matter what. Even if the rest of the world (or most of it) doesn't know and/or care about them.

I know that this sounds crazy. Believe me. Living in my head is rough at times but I'm also rarely un-inspired and un-excited about getting to it, what *it* is.

I suppose the point of all this is to say that I genuinely making creative things and sharing them with people but doing so takes time, energy and money which, unfortunately, I never quite have enough of.

So, here we are at Patreon and you have probably figured it out already but I'm asking for your help and support, for many of you, MORE of your help and support.

I don't want money for nothing. I'm not interested in you handing out money to me without me working for it. I'm committed to working for a living for the rest of my life even if my idea of 'working for a living' is almost exclusively on this creative/artistic level I find myself at and unable to really jump off of (believe me. I try sometimes).

Starting now and all through 2020, I will focus even less on my reliance on being a traveling, touring musician to pay the bills and stick to ideas/projects to closer home.

Age-wise, I'm not too old to do it but because of the nature of the music/entertainment business these days, a guy like me doesn't have much of a chance at making any sort of decent, fair living wage going out there and playing songs for people. I also wish less and less to be away from Allyson and our fur kids (Poppy, Gigi, Rudie and Moggy) for extended periods of time as doing so scraps away the quality of life that I need to persevere and prosper.

I will continue to keep writing, recording and performing my songs.
I will continue making more art.
I will nurture and grow my record label.
I will finish this book and publish it either as an actual book or chop it up and make it into an on-going zine-style publication.
I will venture more into doing spoken word performance which is something I have flirted with but have been too intimidated by to dive into.
I will commit myself to the love I have for podcasting and do that more often.
I will get this internet radio station running 24/7 and use it to help promote great ideas and spread social awareness as well as I possibly can.
I will make more short films and share them.

Are you with me? Against me?

Either way, I'll love you for any amount of support you may feel like throwing my way in the future.

From the bottom, middle and top of my heart, I thank you so very much for reading this and even contemplating becoming a patron of mine. I promise, every bit of your moral and financial support goes right back into waking up the next day and creating more to share with you and I am eternally grateful

Much love and many thanks,
50 of 150 patrons
To hold onto and maintain my creative space/studio Riving Loom to make art, music, radio and podcasts.
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