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is creating anti-civ books, music, and podcast focused on wild resistance

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About Kevin Tucker

I'm fighting for the wild, by any medium necessary.
     On paper, that breaks down into a number of things; primal anarchist writer, author of The Cull of Personality: Ayahuasca, Colonialism and the Death of a Healer (2019), Gathered Remains (2018) and For Wildness and Anarchy (2010, 2019 second edition), editor of Species Traitor journal (2000-2005), founding editor of Wild Resistance: A Journal of Primal Anarchy (formerly Black and Green Review) (2015-), I run Black and Green Press, and a number of related anti-civilization projects. In 2018 I started doing the Primal Anarchy Podcast, which is now gloriously co-hosted by my amazing partner, Natasha Tucker. I'm the guitarist and vocalist of the anti-civ death metal band, Peregrine.
     But in total, all these projects feed and become the outlet for one drive: to fully undermine the narratives of domestication. The stories that keep us complicit. The narratives that keep us from seeing the bigger picture. The pathologies that hold us captive. The tales that keep us looking in the wrong directions about how we can resist it all. 
     I see civilization as innately endemic: it is mathematically, ecologically and socially impossible to sustain. The problem is that we're unable to see it that way. We've been trained to continually reiterate the values of civilization, particularly of this hyper-technological stage of Modernity. This is the domestication process.
     The upside of that is that this process has a beginning.
     We can see it in understanding how nomadic hunter-gatherer bands (our primal state) function and interact. We see it in the minutiae of changes in societies where some degree of sedentism or domestication take root. But we absolutely see it in comparing how civilizations arose, function and exist. This is a quantifiable assessment of a quantitative distinction.
     The domestication process has a beginning, but it has no end. It is a perpetual state. And it is a losing battle.
     Wildness surrounds us, it calls to us. Civilization is a collective attempt to thwart the wild and expand its own grasp: it is a war on wildness. Civilization may have the better arsenal, but it cannot sustain life. It cannot sustain itself.
     And we are better off without it. Sooner than later.

My goal is to focus on undermining that domestication process: to uphold wildness and combat the narratives that civilizers have instilled within us.
     That translates to writing, editing, interviewing others, helping encourage writers and projects to flush out their ideas and to bring more strength to their work. It means publishing under Black and Green Press and keeping Wild Resistance moving along strongly and quickly. It means undergoing the rewilding process and encouraging my daughters to explore wildness within their own lives. It means taking strides in hunter-gatherer subsistence and rewilding the place where our land project is. 
     I have a lot of projects in the works and a lot more coming along as well. Your contribution and support goes a long way to ensuring that these projects continue and that I can help push this milieu and anyone we can reach further towards the wild and hack at the grasp of the domestication cycle. 
     Doing these projects is what I love. It's what I care about. It's a drive that never fades even when it probably should. If you feel the same and want to see more coming out against civilization, for wildness, and for the earth, here is where you can contribute.

Thank you.
For wildness and anarchy,

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