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is creating animal, fantasy and botanical art & illustration.

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Hello everybody!

My name is Kelsey, also known around the internet as Keymonster or just Key. I am a full time, freelance artist and illustrator working out of the Pacific Northwest. My creative passions center around animals, plants and the fantastical worlds they exist in. I love creating plant/animal hybrids and integrating botanical motifs and imagery into the worlds that I build as well as creating adorable little creatures of all shapes and sizes getting into a bunch of mischief. 

I started this Patreon page to allow you to help me fund the exploration of all the new ideas and projects that bubble out of my mind. I love being able to interact with followers of my work and Patreon is a nice, centralized place for me to be able to do that without all the clutter of social media channels.

I hope to be able to share process videos, live streaming sessions and give you a chance to weigh in on projects I'm working on now or in the future. I love taking polls about what people like and the taking all the info from those into account for future projects.

I should also mention that I love cats, and I love creating art with cats. I often will use cats as the testers for new ideas or techniques for projects, and this platform will give you the opportunity to suggest themes for these cats. I swear I don't have a problem! 

I have a ton of ideas and projects I want to start experimenting with, including:

Monthly Themes for daily illustrations
Lapel Pins (Enamel, wooden and acrylic)
Rock Painting
Bleach Dying Fabric (which includes stencil and pattern making)
Zines and Small Comics
Graphic Novel(s) and World Building (See below for details)
Holiday Ornament Creation
— and so so so much more!

World Building:
I currently have two worlds I have been putzing with for the past few years. I'm not super active with updating them, but occasionally you will see sketch book pages of work I'm doing on them. 

The World of M.E.C.A.
Without going into too much detail M.E.C.A. stands for mechanically enhanced, cybernetic animals, and it is a story revolving around three siblings, named 001, 002, and 003, that have been thrust between the new-world order and the ways of Old Gods.
They are in a race against time to learn about and adapt the old ways, or face complete assimilation and obliteration within the literal, modern machine. The story is still in its early phase, but my hope is to be able to spend more time on getting everything cohesive. My vision is to first, have this story as a comic on the web, but eventually as a printed, full color, illustrated novel. 

Kittens in the Sky
The second world I have been building is based off of a Kickstarter I ran in 2017 of the same name. I am in the process of fleshing out the characters and giving them a world to play in. My hope it to make these into a series of short comics, or zines and eventually a fully illustrated children's book. 

Many More...
I have a ton of other undeveloped worlds that I love building and then just let simmer while more ideas form. It is a constant process.

Experimenting and exploring new techniques and ideas takes time and money, which are not always in ample supply. However with the help of YOU the PATRON, the financial burden will be lessened allowing me more freedom to create weird and wonderful things to share!

I am hoping that Patreon will help me interact with you more directly and foster that connection that often is lacking in most online spaces, and we will do it through art that you and I work on together!

Thank you for your time!

You can find my work or follow me through these links: • Keymonster Shop • Twitter • Instagram

Watch Me Create Art Live! (Future!)
• - Livestreaming
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Things that will happen when this goal is reached:
• New backer tier
• Patrons will be able to vote on pin themes, materials and quantity they want to see produced.
This is one of my biggest goals. I have always wanted to produce pins of various types, and this will be a big step in allowing me to do this regularly.
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