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About Wotuu

With the introduction of the Mythic Plus system in World of Warcraft: Legion there has been a lack of tools for planning how to go about tackling high level dungeons. As a semi-casual, I usually played with a different team each time I did Mythic Plus, cycling between about 10 different people. Getting strategies sorted out, what to pull, what not to pull, has been a logistical challenge and prevented us from performing the way we liked to perform.

No more! I started work on a website where I, where YOU, can plan Mythic Plus routes through dungeons and share them with your squad. To help support the many, many hours I've put in (and will continue doing so) I have made this Patreon page. For now I feel the website is stable enough for a release, but I do not feel comfortable asking for money for additional features just yet. I want to offer some paid extras in exchange for my time/server costs in the future.

I use Google Ads to help get some money back from the costs I've made. But I realize that many people are not fond of ads. I'm not either. But they're required for content creators to get paid by some degree. I won't be mad at you if you use an ad-blocker, nor will I spawn messages on the website telling you to disable it. As an alternative, I offer an ad-free website if you become a Patron for just $1 a month. In the future I will be adding more features if you become a Patron, for now this is the only reward I can realistically give you.

If you like the website and would like to support its development, please consider becoming a Patron or lending a hand developing it through Github! Thank you for your time and please enjoy using the website.
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