Kez is creating What it Takes

$1 /mo
Anyone who pledges this amount or more gets access to the patron-only feed, where I will post What it Takes pages early (as they are completed).

$2 /mo
This is the recommended amount if you want to support this comic. I'll add your name to a permanent thank you page on the What it Takes site.

$5 /mo
Wow, you're a really awesome reader, thank so much! Not only will I add your name to the thank you page, but you get to ask the cast questions, and get them answered! Each month 1-4 cast questions ...

$10 /mo
Are you crazy? Why would you give this much? Drat, looks like I'll have to give you access to ALL the What it Takes downloadable content (3 comics, 1 piece of prose) if you don't have it already. A...

$25 /mo
Well, it happened, so I'm making one! If you pledge this much to support me, you can save up credit toward an annual commission by me. 50% of this value will be banked on your behalf each month for...