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Hi! I'm Keziyah.

I'm a web developer and designer, and this is what I'm working on. 

1) My newsletter, Juniors in Tech, which was the original purpose of this Patreon. You can read much more about it below.

2) I've recently taken an interest in exposing bootcamps, particularly, the ones that don't provide students with a quality education even when charging them tens of thousands of dollars. After speaking to students and alumni of Lambda School and Holberton School, it's clear that many students are being taken advantage of. Once in a while, I do Twitter threads on bootcamps in an effort to highlight serious issues (that current & former students are afraid to speak out on), and to warn potential students about the risks of entering any bootcamp program. 

These threads take a decent amount of work, as I have to talk to (usually at least 10) students and organize everything they tell me into an easily readable and digestible format for Twitter. I'm happy to do them because I want people to be aware of what they're getting into when they join a bootcamp. But your financial support would mean a lot to me and help me dedicate more time to this project. 

You can read my first two threads on Lambda School and Holberton School on Twitter. 

Thank you so much for your support!


About Juniors in Tech


First issue: October 10th, 2018
Subscribers: 2000+
Audience location: US - 65%, UK - 8.3%, Other countries - 23.3%

Juniors in Tech is a job board and monthly newsletter with over 2000 subscribers. As a web developer who is relatively new to tech, I wanted to create a resource that was for people who have recently started their careers, and want to learn new skills, find their 1st or 2nd job, and grow personally and professionally.

Once or twice a month, newsletter subscribers receive a carefully curated list of links several
different categories:


Long and short reads that will make you stop and think. Topics include things like self care, imposter syndrome, personal development, and tech and society. 

Get Hired

All about finding a job. Advice for interviews, code/design challenges, salary negotiation, networking, resumes, and more. 

Level Up

Resources that will help you enhance your skills, speak at a conference, or learn something new. Includes everything from networking advice to deep learning tutorials to UX design case studies. 

Events + Opportunities

Free tickets to tech conferences, local networking events, CFPs, scholarships, and more. 

Keziyah's Picks

Each week I'll tell you about some cool new apps and tools I found, like an AI powered noise reduction tool for your mic (Krispr) that you can use during conference calls. 


Job listings for people with a few years of experience or less. Mostly in the US and UK, and mostly, but not exclusively, related to development, design, and data science. (Visit if you want to post a job listing or referral link.)


I also do featured interviews with people in tech, including juniors, which you can read on the blog.    

Why Patreon?

I've gotten a lot of great feedback about the newsletter so far. Here are a few real things people have said to me on Twitter, or via email/DM. 

  • "I just got my first @JuniorsInTech newsletter this morning and it was amazing. Thank you for doing all the hard work that goes into Juniors in Tech. You’re on to something big here!"

  • "The @JuniorsInTech newsletter is so helpful and informative. My day didn’t start off the way I wanted it to but reading the newsletter just put me in a better place and mindset."

  • "I just spent my morning reading through the juniors in tech newsletter. Thank you SO much for all those resources. I signed up for Focusmate and am excited to try it out and also saved some articles and job roles I want to look into some more. Really love your honesty and support for juniors in tech."

  • "HIGHLY recommend the @JuniorsInTech newsletter to all #CodeNewbies , wherever you are in your tech journey. A real motivation boost when life gets confusing and messy. @KeziyahL is doing good wo"

  • "I LOVE the Juniors in Tech newsletter! Thank you so much for all the hard work it must take to curate and put it all together."

  • "This newsletter is bomb and everything the tech world has been needing thank you SO much!"

  • "I don't like newsletters but @JuniorsInTech was worth subscribing to."

  • "You snapped with Juniors in Tech tho. I’m always tuned in when the email drop"

It really makes me happy to see that so many people appreciate this resource. It does take a lot of work, though. And because I have workaholic tendencies & just want to do a good job, it's not uncommon for me to spend more than 20 hours per issue on the newsletter and things like organizing the job and resource board. 

So your financial support really means a whole lot to me. When you email/tweet/DM me how much you love the newsletter, it's encouraging & gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. But by sending me a few dollars every month, it's 10x more motivating. It tells me "keep going, Keziyah. We need this."

My ultimate long term goals are to 1) help people get into tech (especially URMs), 2) help people grow and thrive in the industry, and 3) help people use tech careers and skills to be creative and and live their dreams. 

Your support means everything to me. Thank you so much. 

100% complete
Database of resources on Juniors in Tech
I'll add the resources I send out the newsletter to the website so you can they can be easily found. That way, you won't have to dig through all the past newsletters if you need to find a resource or opportunity you missed.
This is now available at (EDIT: November 30th, 2019 - I'm moving on moving this to the new website so it may not be available for a little while.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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