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is creating Art, Tutorials, Nude Illustrations and Animations
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About KG Fantasy

Hello! 你好! 안녕하세요! こんにちは!
We are KG Fantasy - two sisters who love to draw and to please our fans ♡
We were interested in drawing since childhood. 
We want to draw more across a larger variety of topics such as Illustrations, Animations and more. 
However all of this takes a lot of time, effort and management and it is becoming increasingly hard to fit all of this into our already busy life. 

With your kind support we can:
• Take care of Freddie - homeless cat that we rescued from snow (not homeless anymore. adopted by us ^^)

• Improve our skills
• Make more beautiful animations and illustrations and never give up on drawing
• Buy a new computer and tablet for drawing
• Pay monthly bills
• Help family
• Animal Volunteering

We would be very happy if you would become our Patrons! 

31% complete
When we reach this goal, we will buy a new stuff for drawing (computer/tablet) to draw more pretty and high detailed arts, as well as animations! Thanks a lot!!! ❤️
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