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About Khallus

Greetings.  We are Khallus.  We are a Clarksville, TN based original metal band.  We are all seasoned performers with diversified backgrounds and experiences in music.  Now, as mature men, we decided to band together and take another run at the music industry.  We love what we do and we have created music together that we enjoy, so we have already been successful in our eyes.

However......Re-entering the industry as mature men creates some unique challenges.

1.  Maturity can be good and bad:  Currently, mature musicians are topping the charts.  When you look at the top metal and rock charts, they are still being dominated by artists that are 40s and up.  That means our age isn't a deterrent to our fanbase.  If anything, when a group of mature musicians step on stage, people tend to stop and listen because their favorite bands are made of artists our age.  That being said, record labels want longevity.  They are looking for artists that will provide royalty income for 30-50 years, not 10-20 years, so artists our age are often overlooked.  

2.  Some of us have families.  We don't have the luxury of spending 90% of our income on music when we also have mouths to feed.  Although being mature and experienced makes us wiser musicians, our income does have to spread out a little farther than your typical young musician.

This is how you can help us......

In order to gain management (or even record label attention), we must have a local following.  We are working hard at playing locally and doing everything we can to build our growing local following, but a few things would help us greatly.

1.  We need to get back in the studio:  We recorded one single and self-made a video for it, but we are not pleased with the production quality.  We now have enough original music for an album and we are quite eager to get back in the studio, but to work with a GOOD studio and producer requires a bit of an investment.  We learned this the hard way on our first single.  Your contribution will help us to get our asses back in the studio and have professionally produced music to distribute online, sell at our merchandise table and make music videos from.

2.  Merchandising:  Merchandise is a proven tool for bands to not only get the name out among fans, but to also make a little profit from shows.  (Well known fact that playing gigs in itself rarely makes often costs the band money instead)   That being said, we need merchandise.  We are saving up to purchase our own silk-screen press so we can manufacturer our own shirts and textile goods for about a third of typical garment cost.  We would also have several other items and trinkets such as CDs, stickers, keychains, bags etc etc to sell at shows. 

3  Always music gear:  Being experienced musicians, we are already operating with pro quality music gear, but there are things that could alway be upgraded.  A professional grade drum set would enable us to have a "gig set" that could remain packed for a gig and be of good enough quality to maintain tune and hold up to the rigors of the road.  From there, we could always use help with road cases, stage props, lighting and miscellaneous items for a road show. 

Stewardship:  This is where being experienced musicians (most of us with young children) pays off.  We are responsible and level-headed.  None of us have any substance abuse or addiction issues.  We are in this as a business and we are charging into the business as success-minded professionals, not rockstar party types.  Your contributions will be appreciated and used wisely for the purpose of furthering this project.  We want every contributor of the band to be able to see their contribution at work and know he/she helped us along our journey.

Thank you for your consideration,

The guys of Khallus 

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If Khallus makes over $200 per month, we will send a special monthly video to all our patrons wrapping up our month, what we did, where we played and how it's coming along.  This is a personal message and thank you to our patrons in addition to the standard media we would release along the way.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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