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Clay rank adventurers receive a pressed clay guild seal and a pat on the bottom, release out into the world to seek their fame and fortune. Clay Rank patrons have a much better life expectancy.
  • My undying thanks for supporting the novel.
  • Access to extra setting information posted here on Patreon, such as exclusive maps and art.
  • Clay Rank badge on the Discord Server.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support

First Strike: Copper Rank

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Copper Rank for the first and fastest. 
This tier includes all the benefits of Copper Rank, but is only available to the first ten combatants in the initiative order.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Bonus Chapters

Copper Rank

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Copper rank adventurers have proven themselves capable of handling basic requests and, of course, slaying dangerous monsters. They receive a guild crest of forged copper, and receive discounts and advanced notice of lucrative opportunities. Copper Rank Patrons are fighting the good fight.
  • Previous tier benefits.
  • Access to advanced chapters of the novel.
  • Copper Rank badge on the Discord Server.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Bonus Chapters




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What is this?

This is Patreon, a place where people can support their favorite artists, writers, designers, and creatives, in as small or large a degree as they can. You pledge an amount of money to give every so often, such as once a month or once a comic/chapter/picture, and this allows the creatives you support to keep creating.

Who are you?

I'm Kherev. I'm a dad, a writer, a game designer, a dungeon master, and I've been doing those things for a long time. I've been creating epic, engaging stories for over twenty years, and designing the mechanics and features that carry those stories in the meantime. 

Why do you have a Patreon, Kherev?

Because I really, really love writing and creating and running tabletop RPGs, and I'd like to do more of all three. I'm finally using my expertise to create an epic story that more than a handful of people can experience. Ouroboros Ascendant is a GameLit web novel about four friends, transported to the world of Ayrgard by an enigmatic power, and asked to do the impossible.
   Investing in Ouroboros Ascendant will allow me to do less boring real world work and more creating. On the horizon is the completion and release of the RPG featured in the story, a kindle release, and an audiobook version narrated by yours truly. Ambitious? Maybe, but don't judge until you've heard me read in Discord.

What is GameLit?

GameLit is a type of story where the world and characters abide by game-like rules. These stories usually include a lot of familiar gaming terminology, and often the characters experience the world through the lens of RPG-like tropes. Such stories are frequently of the isekai or 'transported to another world' genre. Sword Art Online, Overlord, Log Horizon, Rise of the Shield Hero are all great examples of this type of setting.
   Further, the GameLit system used in Ouroboros Ascendant is part of the RPG I'm currently developing, and once I get a few more supporters, updates and content from that game will be distributed to Patrons in addition to advance chapters, creator access, and special privileges. 

Being a Part of Ouroboros Ascendant

With your pledge, you get:
  • Advance chapters and content based on your pledge amount.
  • Access to secret-squirrel areas of the Discord server, with privileges based on pledge level.
  • Information about Ouroboros Ascendant's setting and world-building. 

Even if you can't invest in this project, never fear. Chapters of the novel will always slowly trickle their way downstream to Royal Road.
$64.55 of $100 per month
I'll produce ePUB and PDF versions of the story, with all chapters collected so far, which will be available to all patrons.

In addition, I'll increase the number of "First Strike" slots available to 15 making it easier to pass your Copper and Silver rank challenges.
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