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About KHoloud Eldesok

My name is Kholoud Eldesok, I'm 24  years old, from Gaza-Palestine.
I've became obsessed with purposeful art, I think I have my own style.
I draw primarily about life in Gaza, trying to show the beauty and peaceableness of it, but also I draw on other related topics like Jerusalem, Syria, and the world in general.
I'm excitedly dreaming to take me drawings to the light, where everyone could see, analyze and criticize.
So, I've decided to launch an art exhibition, where I'll be showing more than 30 new painting , made of canvas, acrylic and surrounded by frames.
But Unfortunately, the tight long-lasted Israeli blockade on Gaza has made the art materials unaffordably expensive.
Particularly, the canvases, which will cost at least $600, beside I'll need extra expenses for the preparations.
If I am able to raise $1,500 I will commit myself to painting times a day, until I could present sufficiently the life in my city.
It's not the matter of donations, but it's a matter of new hope to start a good future, despite of surrounding constant hardships like long blackouts, shortage of water, constant conflicts and fears...etc
I'm a schoolgirl who have the right to live for a reason. and my reason would be from now on purposeful arts.
Ours is a mutual, and mutually exhilarating, challenge: if you help me to achieve my dream, I'll do my best to make you proud of me.
Let's do it...
Kholoud Eldesok

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Establish my  Art Exhibition in Gaza 
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