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Get a personal thanks with your name (or not) at the end of every video to show your support as well as a live thanks by our streamer!
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For just $2 you get 7% off of any service we offer!  You will also receive a personal thank you in our next video!
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We are a team of many people working as hard as we can to supply you with quality content that can help you learn or truly enjoy.
Recently our main creator, Jeremy Riggins, has Branched Khronos Studios into his repair business.  We offer dozens of services through our website including web design and logo design. 
 We hope to use this page to raise the money we need put out more content at better quality and rebuild the business that was robbed in 2014.    A large amount of money goes into advertising for the channel as well as running the website and various other expenses related to social media.  This makes it hard to invest into hardware or studio equipment which would greatly improve our overall production value.   As we grow bigger we plan to help as many other YouTubers as we can to grow their channels and expand their reach.  We want to grow a community that works together, plays together and has fun while learning about science and technology that could someday save our planet.  Thank you for supporting Khronos Studios and we hope to see you in a future stream!
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Our first goal is to improve recording hardware accross the board for all of our members.  Some things are up to date and some stuck in the stone age.  this never had stopped us from producing content and won't in the future.  We just want to produce it fast and with better quality any time we can.
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