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is creating podcasts, videos, music, improv, bad tweets, comedy (sometimes)
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About Kevin Hoogerwerf

First of all: thanks for visiting my page! Patreon told me that 99.5% of their top-earning creators use this section to thank their fans and patrons, so I figured I'd get that out of the way first.

All I want to do, and sorta what I've always wanted to do, is "Art", whatever that means. Right now I've got a bunch of projects in the works, but it's hard to keep up with rent and bills when time-consuming projects don't often provide a consistent avenue for income. So! If you like me or like the stuff I do, I would really appreciate any amount whatsoever. I believe art should be accessible to all, and I'm mostly committed to keeping anything I make free (or cheap). I'm happy to have anyone engaging with things I make, regardless of whether or not they're helping me out in this way. Also, idk, the world is pretty fucked up right now so give to Puerto Rico or DSA before me probably.

My main focuses right now are: The Process podcast, What a NERD Show youtube channel, and improv at The Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, WA. I just like finding new ways of artistic expression though, so I'll often try out mediums I haven't worked with before. And you'll see it all firsthand by supporting me!!!!! Who wouldn't want that?
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my friend ruben's patreon currently makes $50 and i would like to beat him
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