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Want to know what goes into writing stories like this? From researching "icky sticky" things to hard science, to the writing process itself?  What about the themes and connections shared between all of my stories?!

Every patron gets a brief update on what I managed to create each week, right here on Patreon. 

As well as a bit of writing advice, probably~

Oh: every tier gets access to the previous tier's rewards, and all stories will be made available days in advance for Patrons before going up on other sites! 

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Want to see the materials I use to brainstorm characters, concepts, technology, etc? All patrons in this tier get access to the "extras" I typically post after finishing a larger story, such as character biographies and tech/history descriptions.

Early Access: Stories!

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Want to see works in progress? Want to provide feedback and help me out (beyond paying my dumb-a**)? 

This grants access to most major stories in progress as I start working on them with intent to publish.

Also, I'll be thanking you by name at the bottom of published stories. :3 




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About Kichigai Kitsune

Hi guys! I'm a furry author who writes dramatic, erotic fiction featuring what some people call "cubs" -- don't worry, it probably isn't exactly  what you think. I'm known for writing longer pieces with a heavy focus on character development, including novel-sized projects. I also passionately advocate for youth-rights, and stridently argue in favor of pro-youth policies and against abusive institutions such as the "troubled teen" industry. If you'd like to know more, check out the Wikifur entry down below.

I have a small audience who seem to really enjoy my work, who I try to interact with as closely as possible, frequently providing journals and written articles with topics ranging from simple movie reviews to political commentary. My thoughts aren't worth much, but if anyone wants to help me out, that's what this page is for!

I am on Patreon because I feel that this would make me beholden to my fans and friends, and provide me with the motivation to be
more productive for them.
[Cover art by Aogami.]

InkBunny (main page):
SoFurry: KichigaiKitsune
Email: kichigaikitsuneauthor [AT] 
Fur Affinity: KichigaiKitsune (Defunct)
$100 - reached! per month
If I get this much, I'll do the unthinkable and actually eat some brussel sprouts.
More importantly though, at this point I can focus much more seriously on writing, as it will be a source of significant income. And Patreon keeps bugging me to put a goal here, so... here's a goal!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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