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About Kickball365

THANK YOU to everyone who supports The Circuit and the hundreds of kickball videos that get produced each year. We have a lofty goal to bring you more than 500 edited games in 2018 and need your support to make that happen. 


Kickballers love their videos which is why this page exists. In 2017 we took this to a whole new level by offering a subscription plan on our YouTube channel to help pay for extra video editors. Within a few months the amount of edited videos quadrupled to record numbers. Unfortunately YouTube has decided to end their subscription model so we have moved everything here to Patreon. Players and fans enjoy seeing the dozens of videos that get posted after each tournament and we want to do everything to continue that for as long as possible. 


Editing videos is an extremely expensive and time consuming hobby. We have a number of editors who help bring you all of this wonderful content. Our goals are very simple. The more patrons who support videos here, the more games we can pay our editors to edit after each event. Check out our Goals Page for more details but we hope to one day edit every game on every field at every event (no matter what the final score is). 


We currently have over 1,000 videos on YouTube and do not want to leave the platform entirely. Our entire history, dating back to 2010, is all on that platform and we are very proud to have that all in one location. Patreon simply allows us to continue bringing you kickball videos in record numbers while still being able to pay our editors for their time and effort. It is simply the best way for those who appreciate all of the work and resources that go into video editing to contribute something to keep the cause going for many years to come. A few dollars might be a drop in the bucket to you, but added up across an entire community it can make a huge difference. Thank you for the support!
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All recorded Circuit games up to a 6 run differential will be edited and shared here on Patreon.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,212 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,212 exclusive posts

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