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My name is B, aka [email protected]! I make visual and audio content, and perform. You might have seen me star as Dani in Season 1 of the series Chosen Fam at select screenings! If you're not familiar with the show yet, you probably will be in the near future~

My acting experiences started at a very young age, when I booked a role on Barney and Friends. But that mess is a story for another day!

But my filmmaking journey -- the journey that lead me to be the confident, queer, boss-a** creative that I am today -- began at the age of 13, when my parents got me my very first laptop. At the time, performance was the most vital form of self-expression accessible to me, and I had always been enamored by the process of filmmaking. So I started writing my own skits, filming them, and editing them on the crappy editing system that came with the laptop. 

I fell in love immediately.

My first projects were ridiculous little shorts, wherein I created various identities for myself -- things I wish I could be, but hadn't developed the confidence to encompass in my own life yet.

Then, by the time I got to high school, I began collaborating with other goofy kids that wanted to create media just like I did. And when I got to undergrad, I began working on legitimate film sets to up my experience and knowledge. This was also around the time I came out as queer, and was ready to make media that fully represented the journey of my identity. By my junior year, I had begun making short films with ensemble casts, centering experiences from my real life, and where I was calling the shots. It was the most exhilarating and freeing feeling. 

Though I didn't actually major in film in college, the vast spectrum of projects I was involved with and lead, enabled me to have enough material to apply to graduate film school. In my year off, I worked at my alma mater, continued making films -- including the feature My Life Is A Lie, in which I co-directed, produced and starred -- and awaited response from my top choice school.

I got in on a full-scholarship, and a few months later, was on a flight out to San Francisco to further pursue my filmmaking career. This wasn't just a hobby anymore, this was going to be my life

Film school was an incredible experience. I worked on sets, made connections and won fellowships for amazing opportunities to further my skills and perspective. My thesis film, Queerdo., was the perfect combination of fiction and lived experience, and though it was made on a shoestring budget, I am incredibly proud of the story my cast and crew helped me bring to life.

After graduating, I got a job with NextGen America as a Creative Producer, where I was able to lead creative initiatives to get Trump TF outta office. Did that. Now, I'm on to my next venture. That's where you lovely people come in.

If you don't know much about the filmmaking process, there's one bit of information you should know -- It's expensive, and often doesn't pay a living wage.

My dream is to be able to support myself as a full-time independent filmmaker -- specifically for series-based content. I have a TON of concepts, but in order to wholly put my focus into my art, I need consistent support from folks who believe in my vision and perspective. Not to mention funding for things like cast, crew, locations, and food services on set.

As a co-creator and Chief Creative Officer of Black X Film Festival -- which you all should totally check out -- my ultimate goal is to found an intersectional multimedia conglomerate -- where we prioritize the most marginalized voices in society, and create inclusive, entertaining narratives to change the world. 

My work explores the complexities of intersectional identities, and how they inform the relationships we create with those around us.

Thus, I often framework ‘the human condition’ -- i.e. our inherent desire for community, companionship and trust; as well as the importance of ‘chosen family’. This exploration is crucial for me, as someone who is constantly grappling with my ever-changing circumstances, and respectively, my always-changing identities and consequent communities. Within the flux of life’s circumstances, there are constant lessons to be extracted with regard to who we are and how we interact with the world around us, and I am a firm believer that we must carry these new discoveries into the next stages of our lives, continuing to build in every phase.

Frameworking the LGBTQ, PoC and other marginalized communities, in this light, are very intentional actions on my part, because these are communities that are generally not given enough attention, discourse or respect. Thus, there is even less often a reflection of the diverse experiences of people who exist within these subcategories.

I am eager to continue generating more complex, layered discussions about the nuances that exist within the intersections of race, economics, sexuality and identity throughout my filmmaking career.

But, one step at a time. And I'm hoping you all will help me with my next one.

Much love,

- B 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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