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About Todd Ciolek


My name is Todd, and I like to write about video games, cartoons, comics, and weird stuff in general. I’ve written for IGN, I ran Anime News Network’s X Button game column for eight years, and if you dig far back enough you’ll find me at Anime Insider, 1up, Topless Robot, and other sadly defunct pop-culture places.

I’ve also run a website at throughout all of that. It’s a home for stuff that’s either too niche or too personal to fit within a bigger and more popular site’s framework. If there’s one unifying current to this place, it’s an attempt to write about things no one else has, be it the origins of Fester’s Quest,the weirdest rumor-mongering monsters from Nintendo Power, anime projects never finished, or even old books about UFOs. Nothing’s off the table.

An under-the-radar website like this doesn’t bring in much money, however, and that’s where Patreon comes into the picture. I manage to update only once a month or so; long features like Gravity Rush Week are a rarity. As much as I like writing things for ol’ Kid Fenris Dot Com, they’ll always lose out to stuff that actually brings in money. I’d like to do more.

-More updates in general. I want to put up new material several times a month. Much of it would still be about video games, but I’d gladly broaden the site’s other subjects: anime and animation in general, comics, and the occasional weird toy. I’d even like to debut a podcast. Heaven knows we have enough of them already, but I'd try to tackle subjects seldom covered elsewhere.

-Regular features. The site generally gets whatever I feel like writing, but more updates would bring more recurring themes, including Lost Anime, Gaming Magazine Moments, and some new ideas I haven’t had the time to debut. This includes more contests!

-Interviews. I love talking to the people behind old video games and animation, but it often requires a lot more work than the typical article. With your support, I can devote more time and resources to uncovering new stories.

I always enjoy running, and I’d really like to expand it with your help. If you enjoy my writing and want to see more, feel free to contribute even a little. Anything helps!

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