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What would a robot love song sound like? Can a mosquito join a jazz band in the big city? Is it possible to create a show where everyone in the audience plays on their own turntable?

I'm Kid Koala, and these are just a few of the questions that have inspired my work throughout the years.

From the time I was a kid, I have always been happiest when I'm making gifts for people. Those were the moments I was creating something from the heart, without any other incentive than to later share it and make a smile happen somewhere down the line. At age 5, it may have been a drawing or a little clay sculpture. When I was a teen, it may have been a mixtape or comic strip. In college, I made chess sets for my friends. As an adult, it’s evolved into making albums, graphic novels, live shows, film scores, concert experiences and video games. Sometimes they're quiet (like silent comic books), sometimes they're loud (like beats playing in a club), sometimes they're something in between; a video game, or a live film-theatre experience.

Today, whenever I start a new project, my intention is always the same; I approach everything like I'm making a present for someone. It has become a life quest of sorts.

I’ve been lucky enough to share my work with many of you over the years. Every project is the product of a collaboration between a wide range of unique and wonderful artists, working together to create something to which we can all connect. This is where you come in. As one of my mentors says "It takes more than the people on stage to make a party happen". It's the energy of everyone in the room. Behind the singing robots, music playing mosquitoes, bicycle concerts, and turntable orchestras there is a common thread. Using the time we have to bring people together, create a new thing to experience and share with audiences of all ages wherever our travels take us.

I'm excited to join Patreon so that I can have a platform to share some extra special gifts with a community that celebrates creativity and at the same time, raise funds to continue to engage and support an always growing collective of artists and outreach programs for audiences.

Every month is a little different, but always creative, and always for the joy of others. I invite you to join me on this adventure.

Before I sign off, I just want to thank you for making it all possible. Thank you for coming to the shows, listening to the music, reading the books, playing the video games. You make the work all worthwhile.

Eric (kid koala)


How often will I receive something?
Every month I will make an audio goodie and a visual goodie for you!

What is an audio goodie?
Each month this may consist of sound stories, field recordings from tour, up-tempo fit mixes for tidying your house, a down-tempo chill out ambient piece for your r&r time, turntable ringtones, or Sound Effects production pack of carefully crafted, never-before heard sounds designed by me in my studio using combinations of noise-making gadgets.

What is a visual goodie?
Some smile-making writing or video for your eyeballs. This could consist of humorous true stories from tour, studio equipment gear wrestling matches or character/creature drawing how-to's. Also, every season (we have 4 in Montreal) there will be a video micro-doc featuring behind-the-scenes footage of our current touring or studio projects.

When will I receive my mailbox goodie?
Sometime in the month of February, I will be sending out the annual mailbox goodie from our workshop in Montreal.

What is a mailbox goodie?
This will be a limited edition item. This could be a flexi-disc vinyl, lino-print, sticker pack or zine written and stapled by yours truly. Active patrons for at least six full months are eligible for this goodie.

How can I use my On-Tour Benefits?
This may include pre-show meet and greets, workshops and talks. We will announce more information about special VIP offers for specific tour dates with an opportunity to RSVP.

What if I cannot afford to donate to this tier anymore?
Thank you for your support! You can cancel for any reason at any time.

Is this in US Dollars?
Everything on the site is showing in US Dollars, but it will be converted into the currency of your choice.

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Kid Koala 7" storybook record!
Y'know, like the ones some of us read when we were kids! 
My first memory of a record was a 7" read-a-long storybook. My mother bought it for me when I was 3. She had heard that it would foster a love of reading and music. It worked! 
I have an idea for one. It's about a child who finds a bunch of lost, broken, and forgotten machines in a flea market. I've already written the story and done the illustrations. It will be a 24 page book with full color illustrations. The 7" vinyl will include the read a long story, a theme song, score music and sound effects. Reaching this goal will help fund the completion of this project like hiring a narrator, layout of the book/vinyl artwork, mixing, mastering of the audio, printing and manufacturing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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