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About Kidmo

※ 후원보상은 매달 1일결제후 4일날 패트리온 메세지로 한국어, 영어 버전이 일괄배포됩니다!

안녕하세요, 야짤러  Kidmo입니다!
그림그리는것도 좋아하구 야한것도 좋아하다보니 픽시브도 활동해오면서 쭉그려왔네요 ㅎㅎ
저와 취향이 맞으시는 분들이모여 좋은 그림들을 만들어가고싶어요!

※ Subscription rewards in Korean/English are sent on the 4th day of each month Patreon masege!

Hello, I'm  Kidmo and I draw sexy girls.
I love drawing and porn, and I continued my work in Pixiv with that in mind.
I want to draw great paintings along with anyone who's in for the taste of girls that I draw.

Gumroad 패트리온 지난보상 판매 (Selling past patreon reward)

50 – reached! patrons
Thanks so much guysT_T, I'll try harder!
감사합니다 여러분ㅠㅠ, 더욱 열심히 달려보겠습니다!
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