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Are you in love with my IRL cats MOST

  •  Get to see some behind the scenes cat photos! 
  • Previews of all cat related merchandise (including toys and collars for 2019-2020)
  • Every other month you'll receive a high quality postcard of your favorite cat, signed with an actual paw print and a catty message. (kicks in on the 2nd month from your pledge)
  • Non US patrons will be invoiced shipping charges 

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About KikiDoodle


I am a professional artist best known for creating Purrmaids, mermaid cat plush toys, for people of all ages! (  I also do a ton of fantasy and wildlife illustration, with lots of cats and big cats specifically!

On top of all of this I am a dedicated cat mom of 2 sphynxes, 2 cornish rex, and a fat feral rescue, and often talk about them, or relate them back into my artwork, as these cats keep me company in my studio all day, and keep me thoroughly on my toes.

Through Patreon I hope that I can put more focus onto giving back to the people who have helped support me! I can share works in progress, previews of new merchandise, new concepts, and so much more here instead of always keeping it tucked away! I also hope to raise enough to start making tutorials, videos, and all kinds of other goodies that are often requested of me.

Patreon is a tip jar, and a lovely way to say "I love what you do and I would like to see even more!" Through your support I hope to be able to cut down some of my travel time and focus more on creation itself!  While my artwork will always be available online, supporting me on Patreon will give you exclusive behind the scenes looks as well as funny stories that as until now have remained private!

New Patrons:
You will be billed as soon as you sign up as a Patron! If it is near the end of the month feel free to just select the $1 tier and then upgrade on the 1st of the next month. Otherwise if you select a tier that comes with a monthly reward I will do my best to fullfill it right away!

Pin club note:
If you want to receive the pin club pin but back a different reward tier, just send me a message and you'll be invoiced for the pin and have it shipped out with your other rewards! Higher reward tiers will receive a special discount on the invoice.

Additionally, you can just add the difference to your pledge to get two tiers.
For example: You currently back the $3/month postcard tier but want to be in the Pin club.
Solution: Change your pledge to the pin club, but add an extra $3/month to your pledge. Send me a message that you want rewards for BOTH, so I can keep track of it and get them to you!
If you can ALWAYS back the more expensive tier and add the difference for the cheaper tier.

Thank you everyone!

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Wow!  If we hit this goal, I'll celebrate with something special (TBD after reaching $500. Patreons will be able to vote on what will be offered!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 185 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 185 exclusive posts

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