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About Kiki

I'm Kiki, and I've been drawing comics for way too long.
I've wanted to make comic professionally my whole life. I started my first and current comic, Kuro Shouri, in 2005 when I was in high school. Nearly 10 years later, it's amassed over 900 pages and 3 books (so far!). Casing, my newest ongoing comic, has only just begun - but it's expected to be an ongoing project as well.

What's Kuro Shouri?
It's a heavily anime-inspired webcomic about two teenagers fighting against demonic forces. Its main characters are Hisaki, a mysterious guy who wields a sword, and Yasha, a girl with serious anger problems and a strange entity within her that she can't control. It's an ongoing comic with many chapters yet to come. Perfect for the anime lover! 

What's Casing?
Casing is my newest webcomic project. It is intended to be more American in style and storytelling, and tells the story of Alex Kayden, a local bodyguard with a sarcastic streak and a drinking problem, Angel, his technophile co-worker, and the various clients they take on in their business. This comic has just started and is currently still in its first chapter. Like a more grounded, character-focused story? This might be your cup of tea.

How does becoming a patron support these comics?
As I mentioned, I started Kuro Shouri when I was in high school, and back then, I had loads of time to draw. Now, as an adult, my husband and I have bills to pay and kitties to feed. Usually this means 40+ hours at work and commissions on the side, which eats into our comic-making time. Even a little support will help us to have the time to get comic pages out, without those kitties going hungry.

How often do you update? 
Currently, Kuro Shouri and Casing each are updated at least once per month (barring unforeseen circumstances). As stated earlier, I have a large workload in addition to the comic in order to make ends meet. Patreon will only charge per completed page, so if our planned 2 pages per month doesn't happen, you won't be charged for work that wasn't done. That being said, our goal is to hopefully update each comic once a week - and perhaps more if we can reach our funding goals. 

I have to pay to read your comics? 
Nope! Both comics are still free-to-read over at their respective sites, and they always will be. Patreon simply allows us to pay our bills AND have time for comic-making - and allows you, if you desire, to support us and enable faster updates.

I only want to support one of your comics.
Cool, thank you! Patreon has a nifty feature that allows you to cap the amount you pledge each month. If you want to stay in budget, or just support one comic/update, you can do that!  

Thank you! :D
$13.06 of $25 per month
I will start making Casing and KS-themed wallpapers every other month for all patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 572 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 572 exclusive posts

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