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About Kiki

Hi, I'm Kiki! I'm a freelance illustrator who has a passion for drawing ladies -- especially ladies who like other ladies. I currently write, draw, color, and produce Idolon, a webcomic about a young girl discovering the world and herself at the same time. It includes stories about loss, growing up, breaking free, and of course some punky lesbians.

My goal for Idolon was writing about topics not commonly explored in media today and letting people know that the things they feel and experience are not unusual. This means Idolon will sometimes be funny, sometimes sad, but always leave the reader feeling like they are not alone.

I currently work freelance and put all of my extra time and love in to Idolon, and I would love to be able to one day work full time as a comic artist creating a story I love. Any support is amazing and truly appreciated, and will help me put out more and more work! Supporting me would help me towards that dream of mine -- but it also gets you cool stuff too!

Okay, that's cool but what's this neat stuff I get?
-Access to pages a day early!
-Access to sketches, WIPs, concepts, story ideas, and LOTS more!
-High res PSDs and tutorials/process videos!
-One-on-one time to help you with your art goals! 
-More prints!
-You'll be swimming in prints!
-One of a kind original illustrations made just for you and mailed right to your door!
-My love! (I know that's what you're really after)

I don't read Idolon, I'm just here for the art. Are there any rewards for that?
Of course! Every month I'll be releasing tutorials including video processes and step by steps! Also tons of prints and high-res images and PSDs!

Cool! Anything else?
Every chapter of Idolon, when finished, will be printed. (Chapter One was printed in May 2015.) ALL patrons' names will be printed in the book under the thank you page!

$18 of $300 per month
Woo! ALL patrons get a free PDF download of the books before they go to print! This includes the art gallery, commentary, and other goodies included in the actual printed book!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 152 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 152 exclusive posts
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