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You have my eternal gratitude! Every bit helps me to do what I love doing and follow my dreams. I can never thank you enough! *hugs (I promise not to fart) and internet cookiessss for youuuu*
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With this tier you get access to my patreon feed! You will get photos of costume progress, selfies, and exclusive looks at some costumes before any other social media. Woohoo! I will try not to fill it with too much nonsense...maybe. :P You will also get a signed 4x6 print signed each month, probably with doodles. :)
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You will get all previous rewards with this tier. You will gain entry into a monthly 8x10 print bundle drawing and you will get to participate in costume votes. (There are SO MANY characters I want to cosplayyyy! Wahhhh, I NEED your halp! :D)




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About Kiki Tray Cosplay

Hey y'all! So I'm finally ready to launch my Patreon! It's something I've been considering and planning for quite some time. I wanted to contemplate meticulously and make sure that all of the rewards I was offering were congruent to the amount you pledge. Lol. Basically, I want it to be fair and worth yo money. :D That being said, cosplaying is expensive. Costume mediums and tools, as well as contacts, wigs and makeup are all part of it. Part of completing the character or look. If you become a patron of mine, I will be enabled to push out many more costumes. I will additionally be able to create much more elaborate costumes (World of Warcraft and a new FemShep) in a quicker timeframe. All Patreon proceeds will also enable me to attend more out of state cons and maybe eventually cons overseas. Wahoo! Lol. Art and creating are my passions. Cosplaying has completely changed my life and allowed me to present my whole self to the world. I am so happy to have found it and I sincerely hope, that together, with your help, I can be a lasting member of the cosplay community and maybe even a role model. I will be constructing a brand new cosplay each month, as well as a boudoir cosplay ;D. I will also be producing props and artwork for monthly raffles. Behind the scenes as well as work in progress photos will be posted in my feed. Feasibly, my skills should continue to grow throughout this journey. Thank you oodles for reading all this! Whether you decide to pledge or not, I am so so grateful for all of your continued support. You have no idea. All my love. *bear hugs and chicken kisses*

Profile picture by Sang Le Photography and edited by ACDramon
Banner photos by AoTC Photography and Just Coz Photography
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Time for me to buy a sewing machine!!! My sewing skills are greatly lacking and improving them is a huge personal goal of mine. Right now, I use my mom's sewing machine when something needs to be sewn for a costume. I am so thankful for that, but it would be amazing to have my own to practice more so that I can eventually do more elaborately sewn costumes. :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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