Kilcodo is creating fursuits - furry illustration - and more!

Fursuit Fan Tier!

$2 /mo
As a base-level supporter you get FULL access to all Work-In-Progress images, past and present! That's over 800 photos :) I also update regularly with studio updates here in the activity feed. You ...

Art Tier Patron - with Monthly Sketch!

$20 /mo
All of the perks on a base-level membership, including...
  • A one-time gift of a Vinyl Weatherproof Killy Sticker mailed to you!
  • A Free Character Sketch of ...

Art Tier Patron - with Monthly Inked Art!

$40 /mo
A more fancy version of the Art Tier, this time your free monthly artwork will be a finished ink drawing! All of the perks of the base membership but including...
  • A one-time gift o...

VIP Art Patron - with Gifts!

$50 /mo
A super-special tier for special Patrons! This tier only has room for 3 V.I.P members. This level gets you several one-time gifts which include your choice of handmade merchandise, custom full colo...