Ash G. is creating comics, illustrations, and videos

A Chain of Daisies

$1 /mo
Thank you for your support! 

A Bag of Dandelions

$3 /mo
Patrons in this tier will have access to monthly wallpapers, worldbuilding questions/posts, Monster's Garden page previews, and works in progress.

A Pocket of Posies

$5 /mo
Patrons in this tier will have early access to videos, tutorials, and extra comics and prose up to 3 months before public release.

A Trough of Tulips

$10 /mo
Patrons at this tier can get access to hi-res .psds and .pdfs of sketches and illustrations completed during the month. 

A Lotta Orchids

$20 /mo
Patrons in this tier can make a request for a custom hi-res digital sketch of their favorite Monster's Garden cast member or other original character of my creation. (Some restrictions apply)

A Field of Sunflowers

$50 /mo
I will dedicate 120 minutes for each pledge at this tier a month to create custom art of any character of your choice. The complexity of the request determines how "finished" it will be.  If a patr...