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About Kim Anh

Kim Anh has been a part of underground dance culture for well over a decade, cultivating her own sound from the early styles of house, acid house and techno. From her early beginnings, she has gone on to become a globally recognized DJ/producer and singer-songwriter with releases on influential labels such as EMI, Robert Johnson Live, Gigolo International and Afro Acid.

LA Weekly profiled Kim Anh in a piece entitled “Kim Anh Looks Beyond the ‘Bro-ification’ of Electronic Music and Nightlifewhich noted Kim Anh’s ability to harness music and nightlife culture as a vehicle for activism. She has hosted voter registration drives, coordinated rallies and served as an official ambassador of LA Pride. Her efforts have helped to raise over $1 million in direct support of the LGBTQ+ community.

With the global pandemic hitting artists exponentially, Kim Anh has been stripped of her main source of income.  She is using the time to record a new album but in the meantime is in need of support.  Just a small per month can help to sustain her and support her creative processes such as recording, production, mastering and release costs.

Please consider subscribing so that Kim Anh can continue to create and also continue her work in the community creating safe spaces and building nightlife culture.  

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