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About Kim Cassidy

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I am an international multi-instrumentalist based in the UK with a passion for world music and the power of sound. Music is my way to provide people with healing, an invitation to slow down and to reconnect with themselves. I play big and small stages at gig and festivals and do some busking on the streets.

I believe music has the power to communicate to us on a deep, emotional and instinctual level, way beyond the boundaries of semantics, and to reconnect us to one another and to ourselves.

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I strongly believe a shift in our consciousness has arrived. It's time we remember that we are all brothers and sisters, remember our divinity, look after ourselves, each other and our Mother, Planet Earth. We all live here with each other in the smallest wrinkle in time, we have to ask ourselves, what will we do with our time here on our beautiful planet? I, for one, want to love, be grateful, heal, teach, forgive, learn, laugh and accept. By being the change I want to see in the world, I hope I can play my part in leaving this world a little bit kinder, wiser and more loving than it was before I got here.

With your support, I will be able to fund the continuity of my musical life. Funds will mainly go towards recording at this time. I have recently written quite a lot of new material amd I'm very keen to make a new e.p. also funds will be used for getting to and from gigs, equipment (new strings, leads etc) and very importantly, it will help me to support myself and allow me to have more time to write and focus on music, and eventually, it can help me to travel to play music in various places, hopefully meeting you and playing for you. I aim to tour with a collective of musicians called The Lyrical Nomads (please check out their beautiful music) and spread our message. I feature on some of their albums, and will join them onstage for gigs and tours.

I also have plans to write and self publish a book. It will be all about philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. Very much similar to the stuff you may have seen me post on Instagram This project may take a few months to put together, and probably won't be ready for a while.
In the meantime, please check out a live Lyrical Nomads show!
THANK YOU for your time, kindness and support

I Love you

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