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Hey there, I'm Tikva Wolf. I write a webcomic spreading awareness about non-monogamous, queer, and genderqueer issues, drawing from real life stories and experiences. I'm also always working on a number of other projects, including graphic novels, children's books, and card games on the topics of healthy communication and interpersonal dynamics (or zombies... you know, because zombies), and I share little behind-the-scenes tidbits of all this on here. I'm currently writing my 4th book and 2 card games.

Because I am a full time freelance artist, these sorts of side projects are made possible entirely through support from viewers like you! I put A LOT of time and energy into my work, and if you love it too, help keep me going by pledging. Even a dollar a month is legit really helpful!! I am grateful to all my patrons who enable me to continue following my passion of spreading awareness and understanding. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

How often do you make new comics?
Comics are based on real life stories, and I'm basically always making comics in my head (and dreaming in comic panel form).  I currently try to create at least 1 new comic per week, which I upload to the Kimchi Cuddles website and facebook/Instagram pages. Sometimes I get excited and make a lot more!

How does this payment stuff work?
Becoming a patron is safe + easy!  More detailed information can be found on Patreon's FAQ: https://www.patreon.com/faq

When will I get my super-cool rewards?
Upon pledging any amount, ALL patrons will immediately have access to all behind-the-scenes moments and outtakes that I post regularly right here on the Patreon page!  "Time Traveler" patrons immediately have access to sneak peeks, and "Downloader" patrons immediately have access to all the fun PDFs of cards, posters, stickers, coloring books, and other things available to download and print. All rewards that involve receiving packages are sent out after I receive your first payment. All video chats and classes will happen at their scheduled time every month. Thank you for your support!

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You can order commissioned artwork here

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