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Hi! I'm Kimberly Clark. I'm a drag queen living in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. I also exist in this internet plane via my YouTube Channel. 

I've always been curious about people. Like who we are, how we are, how we connect. It's what led me to the performing arts—in which I've worked professionally for the past two decades. More recently I found the art of drag, and, most recently, YouTube. I find this form of making short videos, vlogs or segments to be extremely effective. Also, my YouTube audience, which includes over 70K subscribers, is the largest platform I've ever had. 

I've always had these fantasies of getting really famous for being a good actor or inventing something, and then getting on Ellen or the Tonight Show or something and trying to spread awareness of gay rights, environmentalism or other social justice issues. I thought I would need to win my way to that status. Instead I found a particularly ripe platform that seemed to align perfectly with the ways I'd imagine being able to share my ideas and hopefully help people. And so, in September of 2014, was born. Initially, I was interested in showcasing my live performances and creating satirical content, but I quickly wanted more. I began creating content specifically geared to help people—like by helping them combat consumerism via my Antihauls or by extrapolating on larger social concepts and justice issues in my Listen Up! series. Soon I began dedicating serious amounts of time to crafting, filming and editing videos, and luckily my work paid off via increases in YouTube ad revenue. However I'm interested in investing even more time and energy into my work here on YouTube, but the ad-revenue alone isn't enough to support that.

Working in the performing arts in New York's downtown theater scene, I learned about how to value my creativity. It's a concept that I still struggle with as a performing professional. There's a constant guilt attached to asking for money to create your art. As a society we're taught that the arts are "extra-curricular", and so as an artist you're constantly combatting the conception that your work is really just a hobby and that you don't deserve to be compensated for it.

YouTube did, indeed, start as a hobby for me, but it has become an investment—of time, money and energy. I hope that you will also make an investment in my channel. With your support I will be able to continue to bring you the content that you love, as well as the content you need to hear. I'm still so deeply invested in that simple human connection, and I'm happy to be here in this electronic box connecting with you.

xo KC

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