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About Kim Lathe

Art is not a luxury. It is not something that hangs only in museums. Art comes in all shapes and sizes, materials and mediums. We can see art, touch it, hear it, wear it… we are surrounded by it. Art connects us, it makes us think and feel. Art shows us different ways to view our world, ourselves, and each other. Art is magic.

Creating is more than a “job” for me - it is a necessary outlet. A physical need. Most days I cannot do anything until I have created something.

Who I Am
I am a photographer, graphic designer, and sometimes-writer living and creating in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. About five years ago, I quit my long-term, full-time job as the marketing coordinator for an engineering firm to become my own boss. I spend most days working on magazine layouts or editing photos as the Creative Director for the publishing company my best friend and I started. The rest of the time I am creating designs for others as a freelancer or working on my own projects. Most of the things I create for myself revolve around social justice, environmental issues, and politics. When I’m not creating on my computer, I am out with my camera shooting. Photography is my first love and is still my bliss. My photography reflects a wide range of imagery and subject matter, from landscapes and wildlife to fine-art nudes and photo-journalism, and everything in between. 

What Your Support Means to Me
Whether you pledge $1 or $100 a month, your support means everything to me! Your support means you like what I’m doing and you want to see more. In a more terrestrial way, your support provides me with the opportunity to continue creating by contributing to expenses like equipment or software or fuel. Your support also helps me reach my goals, which include providing quality content and gifts for my Patrons while pushing myself to test my own creative boundaries.
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My top goal is to inspire others through content that makes people think, or feel, or question, or wonder. Not everything I make is for everyone, but I love creating and I hope other people will enjoy my work. 

I would love to give my Patrons regular gifts as a way to show my appreciation for their support. All Patrons will get digital gifts regularly, and some Patrons will get gifts in the mail so they can hold a piece of what they are helping to create.

Some of the money from my Patrons will go towards gear and equipment maintenance and/or improvement as needed.

When you see my photography, you will see that I really do love to photograph anything and everything. The inner photo-journalist in me dreams of traveling the world and documenting the people and places I see through my lens. 
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