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All right beans, the merch femons are here to distribute goodies galore after 3 months of loyalty in this tier. That means tshirts, stickers, and other lovely things that patreon produces with me so that you can feel Kinda OK every few months by getting some treats in the mail ! This also includes a personal portrait, a big thank you in the podcast and zine issues, along with some super secret updates on other projects :)
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About Kinda OK

Hey there, thanks for coming to my Patreon. Stoked that you’re here!
I’m Sarah. A Canadian, living on Vancouver Island on a blueberry farm. I'm a freelance illustrator, comic artist, sometimes graphic designer, photographer, zine curator and general kind of creator.

I’ve been focusing a lot of my time lately on creating things that help everybody feel kinda okay about how weird they are and supporting other artists. It can be really hard to be a freelancer sometimes, and putting tons of energy (and money) into creating can be draining-- there’s always a business side with anybody who creates stuff! To keep creating, sharing and making art, I’ve started a Patreon to connect with others so we can support one another.

With Patreon, I am putting out weekly comics, monthly sketchbook insights, posting process videos, zine updates, exclusive content and lots more!

My comics and illustrations are all about growing as a human, and the pains that come along with that sometimes. Being female/non-binary/feminist can have a lot of challenges sometimes and it’s cool to be really honest and open about it with each other. Maybe if we all talk about how weird we are, it won’t feel as weird to be human.All my work is inspired by other humans around me and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about your thoughts, feelings, opinions, questions, and ideas. It’s gonna be so cool to have you in this community and helping my illustrator dreams keep coming true! Thank you!

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All patrons get access to weekly comics and digital content. Some tiers get more rewards though! Physical rewards get sent out in the last week of the month, and you’ll be charged on the 1st of each month. You’ll get physical rewards the month after your pledge is processed!
i.e. You pledge $20 in the middle of January, your payment is processed February 1st, so the snail mail is sent out in the last week of February.

Come visit me in other areas of the webiverse!
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To have 100 people stoked on what you're doing is pretty great, so when I get there I plan on doing a special series of prints just for my patrons.
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