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- Contributions of $25/mth receive a 'TKC Heart' T-Shirt OR a copy of our Listen Up Board Game.
- Contributions of $50/mth or more will receive both a copy of Listen Up and a 'TKC Heart' T-Shirt. THANK YOU ☺️


What is The Kindness Collective?
The Kindness Collective was founded on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland in 2016, with a mission to connect the local community through free health and wellbeing events, and address mental health issues associated with loneliness and social isolation.

It began as a means of assisting those who may be going through a difficult time in their lives, struggling with anxiety, depression or loneliness. In these states, we often find ourselves stuck in thought patterns that tell us we are not enough, that nobody cares, and that we are alone in life. These same thoughts may ignite feelings of shame that stop us from being vulnerable, opening up to our friends and strangers, and from even seeing the loving communities that surround us.

The Kindness Collective, in bringing together thousands of open-hearted residents of the local community through a variety of events, aims not only to inspire moments of joy, but to remind people that kindness, love and support exists everywhere, and that to ask for help is a strength, not a weakness.

With over 170 free events hosted since its inception, The Kindness Collective has now deepened its mission to support the wider Australian and global community through the creation of a connection-building resource, Listen Up. This light-hearted and fun tabletop board game empowers families, friends, and strangers to shift the way we communicate, and encourages vulnerability while challenging each of us to actively listen, instead of just waiting for our chance to speak. By celebrating the range of stories and life experiences that connect us, we can build greater empathy and understanding to ensure everybody feels safe to reach out in their time of need. Learn more at

By signing up as a patron of the Kindness Collective, you will be helping us to fund our local activities, and also on our mission to build a more loving and connected global community.

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*If you would like to pledge by credit card, you will be asked for your address, email and phone number. This is how Paypal avoids fraud. TKC does not have access to any of these details, except your email address.
*If you do not want your name listed on the TKC website as a patron, please email: [email protected]
*Sign-up contribution gifts will be received after your second monthly payment has been received

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