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I wanna support Meg-Magic !

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I wanna support Meg-Magic !

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I wanna support Meg-Magic !



About Kinetic Dust

Hi Patrons. Thanks for coming backstage, the place where I process and make big messes before arranging them for the stage.

I'm working on BIG GAY DEBUTANTE BALL, currently a one-woman, autobiographical musical about coming out. 

If you don't know my work (which I swirl up under the company moniker KINETIC DUST) I combine an eclectic training in dance, music and theater with my fervor for adventure and the outdoors to create mythic, immersive site-specific musicals. 

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To make a living as a multi-media artist and thought-leader. To have the resources. To shift perceptions from screens to multi-dimensional -- to explode black-and-white thinking into cosmic color. To point out how our bodies and minds mirror the lungs of trees and an infinite, powerful heart. 

To do this with ART.

To have the resources to collaboration with genius artists and administrators to get music and site specific choreographies into the hearts of many.

Help me make Art *Work* in America.

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