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Thanks mate, you just got me a coffee (either a macchiato, barraquito or a cappuccino), and for a fiver I mean a proper one, with a ginger cookie and all! If we ever meet, I will high-five you, take a selfie with you and - if you wish so - post it to my social media.

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I will send you a surprise print by post. When I release a new book, you will be in the priority queue to access it.
Twice a year I will also pick a person to get a gift of a hand-printed tote bag with my art. The keyword I will use as criteria to pick the person is: "deep".

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My name is Kinga and I draw things. Every now and then I come up with something baffling or interesting and feel that primal animalistic urge to forge it in a comic or a book. I'm happiest if whatever is forged is funny as well. I have been described as bold, witty and "eastern bloc", whatever the latter means.

In the midst of life's boredoms and mediocrities, every now and then something twists people's faces into a smile, and it's something worth doing. The best rewards for what I do is:
  • seeing people actually laughing when reading my stuff
  • people bothering to actually write me an email saying they enjoy my work
  • money.

The purpose of my Patreon existence is to help me to broaden and develop my art activity, with the eventual purpose of giving up my day job (did I mention I tend to be blunt?) I want to diverge from doing what I have to do to doing what I want to do.

I got plenty of ideas, I want to draw another graphic novel. On top of water, food and the Internet I also need funds for printing, promotion, conventions (so far I've done London MCM, London Showmasters, Pyrkon, MFKiG, Dublin Comic Con, Malta Comic Con, Octocon and many more...), hotels, planes, slaves to unroll the red carpets under my feet, drinks, whores, drugs... all these things cost money and here is where you can help me.

P.S. Soon enough I will also need financial support for a spine surgery...

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That is nice! Once this goal is reached, I will go someplace nice and live stream/skype with you a toast I raise to all of you guys! How about the top of the Guinness factory tower? Will you get me drunk?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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