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About King Arthur's Gold

Hey Folks!

Since 2011, King Arthur's Gold has been going strong! Now, over 8 years later, we are moving to a Free to Play model, so that everyone can enjoy the game! Get on board!

The Free To Play launch happened on the 17th of April 2019!
You can read about it on Steam.

To avoid invasive ads, cumbersome microtransactions, or manipulative loot boxes, we've chosen to go with crowd funding. The KAG community has always been key to the game's success, and has
also become directly involved with the game's development over the last few years.  Patreon is the natural next step towards a fully self-determined game - the destiny of the game is now in your hands!

Under Patreon, we will continue to offer:
  • Game Updates
  • Dedicated Official Servers
  • Prompt Support
  • Paid Community Development Bounties
  • Democratic Game Direction
  • Secure Accounts

If the Patreon support isn't enough to cover all of these, we will endeavour to be transparent about what is being prioritised and why, through communications here and on other community platforms. Our first goal is to cover breakeven on the current maintenance spend - from there, the sky is the limit!

Additional Benefits:

  • Tier Based Rewards
    • DLC Heads Access without Steam
    • Fancy Capes
    • Custom Heads
    • Priority Server Access
  • More Stable Income Stream
  • More Transparent Financial Situation
Check out the tiers list for more details, and feel free to get in touch here or on Discord if you need clarification!

💖 Please join us in this new era of King Arthur's Gold! 💖

Supporter FAQ here 💪
$211.17 of $1,000 per month
Approximate Breakeven!

This is the point where we can continue to support the game "as always" with dedicated servers and support, community bounties, money for internal contributors, and rolling minor updates.
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