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About King David Blog

The King David Blog launched in March 2019. King David here. I'm dedicated to advocating for the Millennial generation and working to spread awareness of public policy, politics, and current events that affect us Millennials. I reject the notion that Millennials are entitled and complain too much. This is some Baby Boomer garbage.

My blogging focus is on millennial advocacy, futurism, tech, and mental health. These concepts all extend from my personality and interests and I'm passionate about them. Sometimes, I also blog about video games and other topics I find interesting. King David plans to vlog in the future and would love to grow enough, so that other Millennial bloggers can contribute to the page. I hope to eventually achieve the American Dream by turning this into a business and quitting my day job to write.
You can support me by donating and following me on social media. I plan to continue posting weekly and money would be a great motivator to continue speaking up for our generation. This money will allow my website to remain ad-free and will help me post more frequently. I'll also be able to upgrade my website to improve analytics on my end and even to produce videos in the future. If you don't have much to donate, a share or retweet on social media is great, too!

- King David
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