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Hey! You're awesome! We really appreciate you helping us out. We appreciate you so much that we'll shout you out on the show.
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Oh hell yeah! Ancient Goblins get access to our weekly bonus episode with a rotating theme unconfined to the Kingiverse. ALSO, subscribers to this tier get to "donate" a movie of their choosing to the bonus show for us to talk about and base a month long theme around. 

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Oh baby! Also known as the "material goods" tier, Warlords get a shoutout, the bonus show, and a King Me coffee mug. 

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This tier gets you everything in the Bobby Mammone tier, plus an on-air chat with Dan and Rob.




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The official Patreon of King Me, which is the official Stephen King movie podcast, which is hosted by Rob Avon and Dan Gagliardi.

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