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Person of Interest

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Thanks!  Everyone who pledges at least $1 will get to see most of my Death Cookie posts a day (or sometimes more) early. I'll also post occasional exclusive or "sneak preview" type...


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See how the sausage is made: I do most of my work on Google Docs, so for patrons at this level I'll post links to the things I'm currently working on.


$5 /mo
Heckle the sausage maker: Contribute five bucks a month and I'll give you commenting rights on my in-progress work. You can use your powers for good or evil as you see fit.


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Let's Game! Once every quarter, I'll run a QAGS or Cinemechanix one-shot online and $20 backers will have the first shot at claiming a spot at the table. Depending on the number of...


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Command Performance Once per quarter, I will, at your request, run a game for you and your gaming group. Alternately, I will recruit other Hex staffers and we'll put on one of our ...