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Heyo! I'm Neko, the person behind the magic that is KinkBot. I'm genuinely grateful to everyone that supports the development and upkeep of KinkBot. Without the people that donate, KinkBot would've fully shut down on the 5th of October so I am extremely thankful to all that help keep this project alive. I've not much to offer due to KinkBot being a fairly straight forward Discord bot, but there are a couple perks like not having cooldowns as well as automagically being on good terms with me ;3 
Thanks for taking the time to reading this and even considering it all nya <3
~ Neko
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With this you will be able to suggest one feature to be added to KinkBot. It will be considered by relevance, how the rest of the userbase would like it, and difficulty.

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You get 2 feature requests that will probably be considered more <3

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This provides for the dedicated server KinkBot runs on.
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