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About Kinkymation

This Patreon Page is Charge up front, you'll be charged when making a pledge or if you change your tier!

Important for Tier 25$ and up! Please read before pledging!

For the Personal Rewards the limit to submit your idea is the 15th of each month! If you don't, the reward will be forfeit so be sure to send it! I always send a message requesting your ideas on the first days(1st-5th) of the month! If you pledge after the 15th I won't be able to do the personale reward for that month so it's better to wait until next month to pledge!

For more info on the paersonal rewards you can check a little guide on this post!

Hello everyone! My name is Lily and I go by Kinkymation, I'm just a girl who loves making adult art and NSFW content like this!

You check more of  my work here:
Hopefully I can keep providing you guys with awesome content! I want do do a lot morestuff than just drawings and I find Patreon to be a great way to manage and deliver that content!

I love learning new stuff and improving myself! I like to try all sort of things! So this Patreon and my content won't be limited to Illustrations, I want to do comics, animations and I'm currently learning to code to give you some pretty sweet NSFW games!

All of this and more will be achieved thanks to Patreon and your support!

I wanna extend to you my thanks for your support, knowing people enjoy what I do is probably the best feeling there is!

Disclaimer: All Characters worked with are at least 18 years old, if the character is not 18 in their respective source material it'll be aged up to be depectied as at least 18.
100% complete
At this stage I'll develop NSFW games, not only visual novels but other fun game like platformers, and mini games, and management games with animated scenes!
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