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About Kinryoku

Hi Everybody!

Probably as soon as you came to this page, you are asked the question: “Who are you?”

In 2015, when we came up with the idea to create this non-commercial site, our team consisted of 3 people. In two years we have created a video with a very variable schedule. During these two years we worked only for the idea, because this time we got 14$. Unfortunately, in order to develop our project, we need financial support. We never wanted to get money for the video, we want to get the money to continue making videos. All costs of the channel cannot be covered by income from YouTube, not to mention the fact to grow in quality.

We very much hope that we can promote our idea to the masses. To do this, as we have said, we need your help. Without financial assistance we cannot continue to create content. We are not going to turn our channel into a means of accumulation of money. The only thing we want is to delight you with new and quality videos.

The only question we have not answered is what your donation goes. Here is a small list:

- Office space for employees. This will certainly enable us to work on the canal more productive and better.
- Purchase of new equipment for quality videos. New displays, computers, and other things that we need to move the quality of our content to a new level.
- The salaries of employees. In order to release a new live e sometimes we have all night and all weekend to work without stopping. This situation very much encourages team spirit. Hope you will understand us)

We understand that our speech sounds as a call to ensure that you spent all your money on us, but it is not so. We don't want you to give money for something you don't like, but we hope you will help us, if you have such an opportunity, and if you want it.

$0 of $500 per month
Is a little achievement will give us tremendous incentive to continue our work. (We can buy more coffee ^.^)
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