Kirby Krackle is creating nerd-rock music about comics, geek culture, and comedy jams.

$2 /creation
- Welcome to the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club. We'll be releasing two songs a month consisting of new songs, acoustic versions of fan-favorites, and cover jams (songs I wish I wrot...

$5 /creation
- Performance Video Of Released song. I'll be recording an acoustic version of every song released for fans that will only be available for Patreon members. Some will be just me pe...

$10 /creation
- Access To A Monthly Live-Stream Acoustic Performance From The Studio In Seattle! Once a month I'll be holding an 45-minute long acoustic concert stream...

$20 /creation
- Annual Private Skype And/Or Google Hangout Acoustic Performance Where YOU Write The Set List. You let me know what songs you'd like me to perform for a private (unless you have a...

$50 /creation
- Private Google Hangout. If you're pledging at this level then you're surely KK hardcore and I've got to meet you! Once a year we'll have a Google hangout when it's convenient for...

$100 /creation
This is it. The big one. The ender of worlds!...Cthulhu is that you? 

- Spend A Day In The Studio With Us / Appear On An Kirby Krackle Song. You get your self to Se...