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About Kiri


My name is Kiri, I’m an artist, storyteller, and creator from Denmark, the oldest kingdom in the world. I believe imagination can make our lives richer, and that creativity will grow your soul. I believe stories enrich our lives and can help guide us. I love to share my art, stories, and creative journey; my hope is that it might inspire and motive you.

I’m the maker behind projects such as  Montague Mouse (In progress),  The Year of the Unicorn The Undisclosed Sketchbook and  Locke the Legend (In progress). I also have a YouTube channel. I would love to invite you to join these creative adventures and become a member of my Patreon community.

I draw and sketch traditionally and paint digitally. You’ll get an in-depth look into my art and thought process on this page and be the first to see what new things I am working on, along with much more.

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Please note that you can edit or cancel your pledge any time, so you’re not locked into anything! I greatly appreciate you supporting my work, so I can keep creating fantastical things for this wonderful world of ours! ♥

My Current Focus:
Create Montague Mouse - An illustrated storybook, ages 10 +.
Create Locke the Legend - An illustrated, D&D inspired story, ages 16 +.
To share my artistic journey with you and inspire and motivate you along the way!

Finished projects supported by Patrons:
The Undisclosed Sketchbook of Subject 1984 
The Year of the Unicorn

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