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You may know us as those assholes who write Rhapsody in Ass Major, but there's so very much more we'd like to do, both in and out of fandom.

Somewhere in the depths of our bookmarks lurks an idea for a strange, new fantasy world that's got languages and cultures that make sense! A world with no humans, elves, or dwarves. (No, we didn't just change the name, we're kind of moving away from the anthrocentric visions of the universe.) Throw money at us, and it might see the light of day!

At the moment, though, we're still doing Rhapsody full-time. (It's bigger than Homestuck!)

FAQ | Event Calendar (timezones) | State of the Gazette
$220 of $225 per month
A short goal, this time, but if we hit it and hold it, Rhapsody Chat will be open all the time, whether or not the KG team is participating! We'll still schedule parties, so you'll know when you can catch us, but you can all talk among yourselves while we're out of the room.
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