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About Kirsty Victoria | Drawn to Illustration

Hello I’m Kirsty (Victoria) McGill an artist, illustrator and designer based in the UK.

The creative process is mesmerising to me, that moment when some pencil marks start to form a face, some brush strokes create that magical depth or the design concept comes together.

I’m inspired and influenced by fashion, beauty, self expression, sub culture, feminism, animals, magazine editorials and design.
From being a young, shy child to now a sometimes still shy adult, creativity for me is self expression, but more importantly connection and communication.
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virtual art club - creative community

As an introvert myself I feel lost in the facebook groups that have 1000’s of members which is why I want to build a small online community of illustrators at various stages in their career.

My goal is to reach 20 Patreons in order to start a small but thriving creative community and I’d love to have you join too. In the meantime I will be sharing exclusive content, answering your questions as best I can and recording short tutorial videos on request.
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